6 Types of Least Favorite Cellphone Ringtones

Cell phone ringtones have been in use since more than 10years and have evolved with time. Today, there are all possible ringtones, most of which are available for free. They seem to give insights about the personality of the cell phone owner and we do select and customize our cellphone ringtones these days. The Internet is full of ringtones that are popular, but what kind of ringtones should you avoid? Here is the list.

Ringtones with Racist Wordings

Racism is something intolerable in America and all responsible citizens strive for harmony within the diverse culture. Unfortunately, some songs do have lyrics that might sound funny or cool to one race but not to everyone. Such songs should be avoided at all costs because nobody wants to appear a racist just because they like a song.

Custom Ringtones Abusing Someone You Hate

You hate your boss? Cool. You are not alone. But the world need not know the details, especially your coworkers. This is the worst kind of cellphone ringtone that you can select with abusive words for your boss, spouse, relatives or anyone else.

Fast and Loud Ringtone

The latest hard rock or hip hop musical number does not belong to your quiet office cubical.The basic idea is to select ringtones that do not alarm the people surrounding you and draw unnecessary attention when you are at a public place. The sound should be just enough for you to hear it and not everyone around you.

Erotica is Entertaining…But Wait..

Pornographic: While an erotic ringtone might sound perfect in your bedroom at 11pm, it is not welcome in public during day time. Best to stay away from pornography in any form because you do not want to look like a pervert when your phone rings accidently in a public place.

Better Safe than Sorry

Offensive is a subjective word and you can never tell with confidence whether a word or phrase is offensive or not. The same thing can be perceived differently by different people. A rule of thumb is to drop it in case of doubt. Stick to the basics and leave out the stuff you doubt because it can save you from trouble in the long run.

Simply because we’ve had enough of them

There are these default ringtones that we get through cellphone providers. In this age, when we hear a default ringtone, we know that the person is just too lazy to set a more appropriate ringtone. More importantly, since the default ringtones are so common, it is difficult to identify whose phone is ringing in a public place. This includes never-ending inspirational themes as well as the shorter ones used as text notification.

Well, there is no dearth of cellphone ringtones that people love and hate. Initially, when cellphone ringtones were a new phenomenon, some things might have looked cool which are not liked anymore. Stick to the basics, stay simple and select a ringtone that compliments your personality and your profession. Remember, the basic idea is to get a notification so do it with class and carry your own style.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.