How does a cell phone work?

A cell phone utilizes a network of fixed antennas or base stations to enable users to execute calls from nearly anylocation.Cell phones consign and collectradiofrequency signals back and forth the base station. The antennas serving the base station are usually mounted on power poles, rooftops, and towers.

What is a cell phone ringtone?

A ringtone refers to the sound produced by a cell phone whenever an incoming notification, call or a text message is received.

How did cell phone ringtones come about?

Cell phone ringtones were first created and sold in Finland in the year 1997. This followed the success of the SMS services.VesaMattiPaananen was the person behind the Harmonium ringtone which was employed in Nokia phones for messaging. Since then, many programmers have come up with different types and forms of tones to suit the demands of the consumers.

What types of ringtones exist today?


Monophonic ringtones

These types of tones are known to play one note independently at a given time.

Polyphonic ringtones

Polyphonic ringtones comprise of various notes at a given time.

A Sing tone

This type of tone is made in Karaoke style and amalgamates the user’s voice that is in recorded form with a backing track.

A true tone

This type of tone is also referred to as master tone, audio recording, real tone, or super phonic ringtone. It is a recorded audio existing in MP3 or AAC formats. They are usually generated from songs.

Which are some of the most popular ringtones available today?

Ringtone iPhone 5 original

This tone is available for download at no cost. You only need to install Adobe Flash Player to preview or download the ringtone.

iPhone-Quick Bell

This tone exists in mp3 format and is available for iPhones. It is categorized as standard and has a capacity of 295.9 Kb. It is free to download.

Samsung Galaxy Note-Over the Horizon

This type of ringtone occupies a capacity of 197.12 Kb and is available in mp3 format. It is regarded as standard and is available for free download. It is used on Samsung Galaxy Note cell phones.

LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro is a standard ringtone available for LG Optimus cell phone users. It occupies a capacity of 178.5 Kb and available for download in mp3 format for free.

The Guitar Karma

This ringtone is characterized as “Bollywood” and is available for free download. It is also available for preview and download in mp3 format via Adobe Flash Player. It occupies a space of 427.4 Kb.

What are some of the ringtone encoding formats?


This multimedia format is applicable for video ringtones. 3GP is applied on 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile phones.


FLAC format is used on smartphones such as Android and Blackberry which are capable of playing the FLAC audio files out-of-the-box.


This encoding format is employed in phones such as Sony Erickson and iPhones.


This is the most common audio format supported by most cell phones today.


This exists as the most popularsound format used by many cell phone companies.


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