Kinds of Cell Phone Ringtones

Cellphones are no less than a utility, and it has many features that help the users. These features are what interest people before they buy a specific phone. One feature that has been present in cellphones for a very long time are ringtones, they are the fundamental part of every phone and it has many uses. There are different kinds of ringtones that you can find and each serves a different purpose. If ringtones are absent in your phone, then it will be impossible for your phone to notify you when you have a new message or phone call. Whenever you buy a new phone, you find many different ringtones already installed, however, you can still download a bunch of third party ringtones if you want to. However there are two main kinds of cellphone ringtones and here you will find them.

The Different Kinds

As mentioned earlier, they are many different kinds of ringtones that you can find. Each ringtone has a different sound and different function. Mainly, there are only two kinds of ringtones and they will be discussed here.

Ringtones for Calls

There are certain ringtones that have a very attractive and melodious sound, this kind of sound is easily audible by the human ear and that is why the user can easily know that a call is being transferred to their phone. The ringtones for a phone call is different as it is louder, this is because the user can easily hear the sound and be notified. This is undoubtedly very useful, it does not matter where your phone is and what are the surroundings, if you have a loud ringtone, you will definitely hear your phone ring. Most people think that other features in the phone are more important, however ringtones go unnoticed but they are very important.

For Text Messages

The other kind of ringtone is for text message, these ringtones are different from call tones. One reason is that ringtones for messages are not as loud. They ring for just one time, the sound is audible enough to be heard by the user and be notified that there is a new unread message. These tones are easier on the ears, there are many different such tones available in your phone and that is why you have a wide selection to choose from.

Selecting the right ringtone is important, this is because there are some ringtones that might attract few people and might not do the same with other people. You should select the sound that is easily audible and will attract you no matter what the conditions are.

You can even download other ringtones if you prefer, they are undoubtedly one of the most important features of the phone. These were the two main kinds of ringtones that you can easily find in every phone. Whenever, you buy a phone you get many ringtones and that is a huge benefit, you can easily choose the right ringtone that will notify you whenever you phone rings.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.