Making Your Own Ringtone Has Never Been Easier

Who doesn’t want the world to go around as per his or her desires? While the world has its own ways of functioning, your ringtone can completely be as your heart desires. There are multiple ways of accomplishing this:

Using a Website

There are numerous websites that offer making a ringtone as a free service. The only effort you have to make is to select the website. After the selection is made, you can either select a track from your computer or from a database available at the website. Next you get to choose the section of the track which you want to be included in the ringtone. The portion is cut after selecting bitrate and format and is ready to be used. Most common bitrate is 96kbits/sec and most common format is mp3 which works for maximum phones except iPhone. After this is done, you simply receive the ringtone directly on your phone, through an email or downloaded to your computer.

Using Phone Apps

After smart phone have become immensely popular, many ringtone apps have also emerged that basically do the same job as the websites. The only difference is that phone applications are more convenient and we need not transfer the tracks to the website and back because everything is available in the phone itself. Ringtone Maker is a popular app which is used to create cellphone ringtones of our choice.

Audacity Audio Editing

If you are interested in creating an original creative ringtone, then Audacity is an application you must have in your phone or computer. There are many features that allow you to edit audio files, cut them into ringtone size tunes and also to convert them into desired formats. You can also mix and match various tracks and add them seamlessly using this software. You can supplement it with another software called LAME that allows export of mp3 files from Audacity.

Through iTunes for iPhones

If you want to make a ringtone of any song in iPhone, you simply right click on it and open in iTunes gallery. Then you can start and stop the timer to take a snippet from the entire song to make a ringtone. The snippet needs to be converted into M4R format for use in iPhone. The AAC version can be deleted while retaining the M4R version which is put back to iTunes for use as a ringtone. This is a 8 to 9 step procedure which you can learn to follow easily.

The good news is that now you can record and select any type of audio file and create a ringtone of it. It could be your kid reciting a poem, your dog barking or your friends singing a song, all you need to do is record it and convert it into a ringtone. There are endless possibilities while making a ringtone and you are limited only by the extent of your creativity.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.