4 Things to Check Before You Select a Ringtone

We often hear that ringtones should be appropriate but sometimes it is difficult to figure out what a good ringtone should be like. It happens quite often that while everyone is in silence, suddenly a harsh and loud sound alarms everybody. It can be an embarrassing moment for the cellphone owner. Not only that, your ringtone also leaves an impression on others about the person you are. What kind of impression do you want to leave? Here is a checklist for you to go through and decide whether your cellphone ringtone is a good one or not.

Is it too Personal?

Well, we all love our family and have our own taste in music. What may sound music to you might be noise for someone else. Messages or songs in voice of your loved one might sound beautiful to you but others may find it unprofessional and unwanted. On the other hand, a ringtone should be personal enough so that you can identify it when the phone rings. If two people carrying the same phone and using the same default ringtone are sitting together, they won’t know whose phone is ringing.

What’s the Mood?

You might be a young at heart person using the latest hard rock number in a loud volume as your cell phone ringtone. At a public park, an old couple might be trying to get some sun for their bones, sitting next to you. You would never know if your ringtone alarmed them or disturbed them. Same applies to young babies and infants because their ear drums are more sensitive than adults. Opt for a mood-less or slightly cheerful ringtone that most people will not mind.

How are the Lyrics?

Thanks to a million options, we can select any song in the world as our cellphone ringtone. Unfortunately, not all songs are appropriate for all sort of audience. Some lyrics might sound offensive to a group of people. Better be sure before choosing a song as a cellphone ringtone that the lyrics are good enough for every type of person who might be around you when the phone rings.

Is it Solving the Purpose?

No matter how fancy it becomes, the main purpose of a ringtone is to notify you when you receive a call. The sound should be enough that you can hear it ring and not too loud for others to get disturbed. Apart from the volume, it is the frequency of the ringtone that matters too. If it is too shrill, it might sound annoying and if it is too soft, you may miss it and it does not solve its purpose.

These are few basic pointers one can keep in mind while selecting a ringtone for their cellphones. There are numerous tools available online that can help you find a ringtone that you need. Whether you are using an iPhone, an android phone or any other cellphone, there are applications and websites to aid in creating a personalized ringtone for your cellphone as per your choice.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.