Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Ringtones

In the beginning every technology starts with a purpose and slowly evolves to be a mode of entertainment – be it the television, computers, Internet or cell phones. Though initially, cell phones were considered necessary for emergency situations, they are now full time modes of entertainment. Cellphone ringtones are one of the luxury features of smart phones today. Everybody is carrying a cellphone these days and it is useful to select a personalized ringtone so that you can know when your phone rings. Here we discuss some basics of ringtones that even the technologically challenged can understand.

What are Ringtones?

Just like any other gadget, a cellphone has a memory and a microprocessor that can run programs or take instructions. When the phone receives a call, the ringtone program tells the speaker to play certain frequencies. When we set a ringtone in our cell phone we simply select a program over the other to instruct the speakers to play different frequencies when the phone receives an incoming call.

Understanding the Ringtone

There many ways to add a ringtone program to the cellphone like transferring it from memory, downloading or sharing it from somewhere. One thing that we need to keep in mind is the compatibility of the ringtone with the cellphone. If one person gives instructions to another in Spanish, but the other understands only English, then he cannot follow the instructions. They need to be compatible to follow each other.

History of Ringtones

Earlier there were only monophonic ringtones but with time polyphonic ringtones also came into existence. These ringtones were much richer in quality and sounded more harmonized as compared to monophonic ringtones. Now days, we can get the best quality ringtones very easily from the Internet. Some services are paid while others are free of cost.

Using Ringtone Websites and Apps

There are thousands of websites on the Internet that are flooding with all sort of ringtones. You can select a ringtone for every mood and occasion. But be careful before you use a website because some of them also spread malware in the name of free service. Ask someone who knows or look up into online forums and review sites about authentic websites and applications that provide ringtones. Beware of malware, stay safe yourself and keep others safe too.

As a beginner, do not get confused by the words used and remember that you are simply installing a small program in your cellphone while selecting a ringtone. With the right kind of ringtone, you can leave a good impression on everyone who is around you and also enjoy listening to the tune of your choice. Very high level of customization is possible for ringtones using various web and phone applications. These tools are available for different types of operating systems on which smart phones run. You may not want to change your ringtone every week, but with a little effort, you can definitely select a ringtone that compliments your personality.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.