A Unique Cellphone Ringtone – The Mozzy Tone

Ever heard of a cellphone ringtone that can only be heard by a selected few people? Yes, this is true. A ringtone called teen Buzz is getting popular among teens that can only be heard by teenagers (basically people under the age of 30).

The History of Mosquito Teen Repellent

This was a device invented by security expert Howard Stapleton in the UK for preventing teen loitering in and around the convenience stores. This device creates a loud and squeaky sound which is difficult to take in for a long time. The devices sounds normal initially but becomes extremely bothersome as the time passes. This is done so that teenagers who have come to make simple purchases do not feel any inconvenience. The device called Mosquito is marketed by CompoundSecurity.co.uk as a security measure that does not inconvenience the adults.

The Science Behind How it Works

The sound created by the Mosquito is high-pitched and hence only people under the age of about 30 can hear it. With age, our ear drums become less sensitive and hence we are not able to hear certain frequencies after certain ages. The frequency created by Mosquito is 80 decibel and adults cannot hear it. The range of this sound is only 15-20 m so anyone who does not want teenagers and young adults around him can use this device because this ultrasonic sound is very annoying when played continuously.

Smart Idea of Teen Buzz

The young generation always proves to be smarter and here is how some teenagers got back to the Mosquito. Students are generally not allowed to use their cellphones in class and are sometimes not even allowed to carry them. If anyone is caught using the phone, it is taken away as a form of punishment. But with teen buzz, no student will be caught because teachers cannot hear the ringtone!

Based on the same concept as the Mosquito, some smart students created a cellphone ringtone with such high frequency that teachers are not able to hear the sound. Other classmates can obviously hear the notifications when you get a call or a text, but you are safe from the teachers if you are using this ringtone.

Further Popularity of Mosquitotone

After this experiment in Wales, the company started selling the cellphone ringtone under the name of Mosquitotone.  It is still called ‘Mozzy tone’ or ‘Teen Buzz’ and most of the time, it is only people under 20 years of age are able to hear it. This cellphone ringtone has now become quite popular among teens who do not want to be penalized for using their cell phones at home or at school.

Although, this is a great idea to keep the elders unaware of the usage of cellphone, most youngsters understand that using cellphones where they are prohibited is not good for them and avoid using them. Mozzy Tone still remains quite popular and everyone wants to try it for once even if they not use it to break the rules.


I have always had the passion for swapping a variety of cell phones with the desire to explore various ringtones available in them.This overwhelming quench has led me to discover the tons of ringtones and their relevant areas of use.